Best One Desensitizing Ink

Best One Desensitizing Ink TK-IJ is printed to prevent image transfer in carbonless papers by applying it to print side of middle part (B paper) or bottom part (C paper) of a carbonless paper.



  • Strong desensitizing effect.
  • High printability.
  • Good for both offset printing with CTP and letterpress.
  • Ink Jet printable on print side.

For Best Results

  • Best One Desensitizing Ink TK-IJ can be printed by offset system with both CTP (with water) and letterpress.
  • Ink film thickness should be 1 - 2 g/m2. Please check the effect by pen writing and print with as thin film as ink can work well.
  • In case of over-emulsification, the desensitizing effect becomes weaker and guide-roller will be dirty.
  • Print with as less water as it does not tone.
  • Print area is almost invisible, so please use spray checker to see the toning.
  • If ink film is too thick, it will be a cause of yellowing.
  • Print letters and lines first, and print desensitizing ink at the end.
  • Ink comes under desensitizing ink may be bled (burned). Please use the ink with resistant to desensitizing ink.
  • Store ink in cool and dark place (below 25?). Avoid direct sunshine.
  • Please read Safety Data Sheet (SDS) well before use to understand the handling and warning.


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  3. Make sure to read MSDS thoroughly before using the product.